Are you a Fan or a Friend

The difference between a fan and a friend is the relationship. I am a fan of Will Smith and If I am not careful I can trick myself into believing that we are friends because I know a lot about him and I follow what he writes says and does. Sadly I must admit I am only a fan because if you were to ask Will Smith about me he wouldn’t know me. There is no relationship.


Paul says it this way

But now that you know God—or rather are known by God—…. (Galatians 4:9a NIV)

Wow! He knows me. This is the difference between a fan and a friend or a fan and a son/daughter. Think about this for a second. What would the creator of everything say if he was asked about you? Would it be “that’s my son” or “I don’t know them”.
Are you a fan or a Son?
A son has authority and is confident. If a fan and a son both came before God how differently would they act? How different would their questions be if they were to ask something of God? What would they expect to receive? The fan would hope his request was granted to him. The son on the other hand would have full confidence that whatever he asked, no matter how small or large would be given to him.
Don’t get caught up in just knowing a lot about Jesus. Build a relationship and be known by Him.


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