The 3 letters that always changes the world

There is a three letter word that once I defined changed my life. This word not only changed the way I fundamentally view life but also the way I live life.
While reflecting on this past year I came to realize just how much this one word has dramatically changed my life so I started looking for it in other peoples stories. That’s when I found out that this one 3 letter word that has changed my life has always changed the world, when known.


These 3 letters are what set the Wright Brothers apart from others who were more qualified and had more resources. These 3 letters set Edison above the crowd and drove him to success. Ford possessed them and once he had them he evidently had no more need for school. These 3 letters inspired people like Lincoln and Martin Luther King. In the case of these two men there where plenty of more successful better qualified orators but these men had the secret. You can look back as far as you please and see in nearly every instant when people changed the world that they almost all unanimously where driven by these same 3 letters.
What set these great men and women apart? Others had better plans more resources so why is it not their names that we remember. The Wright Brothers didn’t have all that they needed to win the race of building the first plane but that didn’t stop them because they knew that they wanted to create something that would change the world. They had a WHY! They knew WHY they were working so hard WHY they wanted it so bad they couldn’t sleep at night WHY they couldnt quit Why they had to try until they succeeded or died.
Knowing WHY you want something changes everything. If Martin Luther King would have only talked about a plan to get the desired result then he would have never been known. He spoke of WHY he wanted to see the world change. He spoke of a dream that he believed in. And it inspired a nation to come together and fulfil the dream. It is the WHYs that inspire us not the what’s or how’s.
When your why is strong enough the how becomes easy. The How may require change, which I wrote about in another post ,Overcoming the fear of change, it may require you to stretch or grow. The How will require you to persevere thru adversity, to hope, to believe even when you can’t see a way it will nearly always be hard. If you want to win a war The How will be painful and ugly but if you know your WHY you will make the sacrifices automatically.
WHY is the 3 letter word that we must define. I had to find out WHY I wanted more wanted to be more become more. Edison, Ford, Jefferson, Lincoln, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and thousands of other men in history all started with defining WHY, whether it was standing for freedom or a deep desire to change the world or any other list of things the point is it starts with why.

What is your why? What drives you?


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