The ingredient to happiness

While reading this week I ran across this story out of Andy Andrews book The Noticer. This is a life changing book and author. I have one thought to share but I want you to read the story first.


Jones had invited me to join him on one of the sand dunes near the ocean for what he called a “feast”. The “feast” turned out to be Vienna sausages and sardines. As we began the meal he asked me what I was eating.

Puzzled, and a little annoyed at what the feast had turned out to be I said, “sardines and Vienna sausages.”

“Where?” He responded.

Still annoyed, I answered, “In the sand.”

He responded with something that still effects me to this day.

“Young man, you see only the sand at your feet and what you are eating that you wish was something else. I don’t tell you this as a rebuke: you are very ordinary in your views. Most people are just like you, disgusted with themselves for what they are and what they eat and what they drive. Most of us never stop to think that there are quit literally millions in this world who lack our blessings and opportunities, have no food to eat at all and no hope of ever owning a car.”

Then he hit me with something: “Incidently you ate sardines and Vienna sausages in the sand. I dined on surf and turf with an ocean view. It’s all about prospective.”
Andy Andrews, The Noticer

One of the greatest life lessons that I have learned was, we must choose everyday to be happy. And in sharing that with others they sometimes believe it is impossible to control your emotions or choose to be happy despite your circumstances. This story gives us a great example that all we need to choose to be happy everyday is a little prospective.


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