A Simple Observation That Can Radically Redefine Your Life

What are you intentional about? We often have good intentions we also often intend to do things. I often intended to pray with my wife and kids but I would get busy, life would get in the way and soon my good intentions were just that intentions because the opportunity had passed and I had failed to act.


Life had to deal me a nice dose of prospective before things changed. And that prospective changed everything.

Being someone who sees the world as black and white I have never really tried to lie to myself or try and convince myself that something is better or worse than it is. If it is white then it is white no use trying to convince myself that it’s anything else. (This doesn’t mean that I can’t be mistaken). Anyways what happened was one day while I was talking to a great friend and man of God he challenged me to make a list of what I value most in life and to then list what I was actively doing in those areas and how much time I was spending on these things compared to other things that I agreed did not matter. Like I said a great friend who could see the inconsistencies in my life and who was not afraid to share them for mine and my families benefit. I still thank God for that day even though it was one of the hardest hits I have ever taken. This lead to me realigning everything in my life by what I had decided was most important and finding a way to spend more time in those areas.

If we would only give the same amount of reflection to what we want out of life that we do with what to do with two weeks vacation, we would be startled at our false standards and our aimless procession of our busy days. Dorthy Canfield Fisher

So again I would like to ask what are you intentional about? Are you intentionally spending time building a relationship with your wife? Your kids? God? Are you scheduling time to spend building up others or scheduling time to watch the next game? Don’t let the things that don’t matter steal the opportunities you have for the things that do. Live love and lead intentionally.


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One response to “A Simple Observation That Can Radically Redefine Your Life

  1. tloftis2012

    This is Amazing!! Thank You for ALL of the Inspiration that You Give!!! You make me Very Proud!

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