It only takes a few


“Human beings have a natural inclination for allowing themselves to be ‘filtered out’ of the success process as a result of allowing circumstances to determine their actions – they seem genetically predisposed to turn back and give in to ‘what happens’ to them, and give in and turn back when things don’t go the way they think they should.
In the sport of baseball – and all sports, for that matter – when spring training camp opens, there’s always a large crowd of hopefuls who think they have what it takes to accomplish the extraordinary, but the vast majority lose their vision and their hope by looking around at all the other players who appear to be better than they are, and that same majority – largely by losing their self-confidence and by letting self-imposed limitations overtake their vision – end up being sent home. And, of the few who ‘make the team,’ only a very few ever become the Most Valuable Player, make it into the Hall of Fame, hit fifty or more home runs in a single season, get three thousand base hits during their career, or manage to have a lifetime batting average of .300 (one base hit for every three times at bat).” Ron Reynolds

Those who succeed are not always the best or the brightest but the persistent who refuse to give up.

The law of averages says you don’t have to be perfect to make the hall of fame you just have to show up and be consistent. You can strike out 7 out of 10 times and be among the great. In football you don’t score every time you catch the ball and the coach doesn’t pull you every time you drop it. Just focus on making the next catch and soon enough you’ll be among the great.


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