4 Principles That Separate Those Who Do From Those Who Don’t.

What separates those who do from those who don’t?

How can some people with more skills more opportunity more of everything we think you need to be successful fail and some who have no special skills no opportunities and no chance of succeeding actually succeed. It doesn’t make since. So what makes the difference?
Here is a story I heard this morning and a few points that are seen not only in her story but many others like it.


“The bare minimum would be expected for most high school seniors who’ve been abandoned by their parents, slept on friends’ couches and had to work part-time jobs to survive.

But Dawn Loggins, a brainy 18-year-old from North Carolina, dreamed of more: Now, she’s headed for Harvard University in spite of growing up homeless.

In March 2010, Loggins’ mother enrolled her at Burns High as a sophomore. By her junior year, her parents skipped town again, but Loggins was taken in by a friend’s mother, according to The Observer.

She took a job as a janitor at her school, arriving for her two-hour shift at 6 a.m. Through it all, she also kept good grades, earning straight A’s and ranking 10th in her class.

At Harvard, she’ll rely on grants and take an on-campus job to pay for her tuition and board, according to reports.

Loggins said she holds no ill-will toward her parents or grandmother, and that she learned a valuable lesson: that having a good work ethic can help overcome adversity.

“There are no excuses,” Loggins told WBTV. “It all depends on you, and no one else.””
click here for the entire article.

Here are a few things from Dawns story that I think set her apart.

1. She had a dream
2. She believed that she could achieve it. (I think this is the step most people miss)
3. She had a decided heart. (she bought into the process of what it was going to take to make her dreams become a reality and persevered through her circumstances)
4. She had the right philosophy

So I will leave you with a quote from Jim Rohn that changed my philosophy.

“The same wind blows on us all the wind of adversity the wind of change the wind of difficulty. The same wind blows on us all what makes the difference in where we end up is not the blowing of the wind but the set of the sail. Its not what happens to you that determines your life’s future but what you do about what happens.”


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  1. This is so great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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