What Does God Have In Store For You?

Last night while watching The Avengers (which was awesome) there was a scene where the Hulk did something that reminded me of my son. Evidently I was not alone because when he did it my wife looked over to me and said “I don’t know if we need to let our son watch this because he would definitely paint himself green and would be intentional about destroying everything.”


On the way home from the movie we pondered on what God might have planned for our children. While discussing some of the possibilities God could have in store for them I remembered a story that Dave Stone shared on MichaelHyatt.com where he wrote about, leadership starting in the home.

He said “My parents took turns. Often one of them would pray by my bedside. “Oh Lord, I can’t wait to see how you are going to use Dave.” So, instead of falling asleep wondering if God could use me, I dreamed of how He was going to use me. They were vision-casting for me as an elementary student. That’s leadership in the home.”

There is so much we can draw from that. I just want to make two points.

1. Words have the power of life and death so choose the words you speak over your kids wisely. Is what you say going to cause them to dream of the purposes God may have for their life?

2. You have to dream of how God may use your children and have an expectation to see God do great things through them.

In a previous post A Simple Observation That Can Radically Redefine Your Life I shared how I had to become intentional about setting aside time to pray with my family. David’s story challenged me and I also want to pass the challenge to you to not only pray with your children but to speak life, vision and purpose over their lives. Don’t just dream of what God could have planned for them but communicate that to them.


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