What Brings Ideas To Life

I think all of us like talking about good ideas. Good ideas excite us and unlock our imaginations and allow us to dream. Last night a friend helped me see good ideas in a new light when he said “Just like faith without action is dead so ideas without actions are dead.”


Just as actions bring our faith to life so they also bring to life our ideas. If you ever hope to see your dreams come true then you have to start by putting your ideas into action. Don’t wait on them to be perfect they will never get there. Don’t make excuses, don’t quit and don’t let anyone steal your dream from you. Opportunity is a funny Creature that presents its self to those who seek it. So start moving on your ideas and opportunity will come and when it does, take hold of it because it is not very fond of waiting on people who want to think about it. Great things happen when people put great ideas into action.


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