What Just Happened?

I was just sitting there happily imagining I was John Mayer right before bed when all of the sudden my kids are helping me put my shoes on and my wife is putting a shirt over my head and handing me money as they lead me to the door giggling and saying that I was to make sure that I got dougnuts and cookies or ice cream.


I was checking out at the store before I realized what I was doing and I was still curious to how they actually pulled it off. Then I realized that there is an art to SALES and that my wife just taught me and the kids a few valuable lessons about it.

1.Make it as easy as possible for someone to say yes (by removing all obstacles and excuses)
2. Always expect to make the sale. (she never even let it enter her mind that it was possible for me to say know)
3. Take them by the hand and guide them all the way to the point of decision. (I didn’t care to go to the store at 9 in the rain to get sweets but after I was already dressed and given all that I needed and was at the car I couldn’t let those three little smiling faces down. I mean it was just going to be a 10 min trip and surly I would get that parking spot right by the door)
4. Leverage the kids against them. 🙂

Although I don’t understand all that just took place I must admit that I am impressed.

What are some of the ways your family has sold you on doing something?


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One response to “What Just Happened?

  1. tloftis2012

    That is Hilarious!!! Love It!!! Awesome Job Paige Brantlee & Cruce lol

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