Why We Need To Be Kids

Why do kids try to impress us?

Because making new noises is the coolest thing since yesterday’s peanut butter sandwich and because they know we love them and surly if this makes me this happy it will make them happy too. Just because has to be the best kid logic on the market today.

Brantlee has to show me every time she gets closer to whistling then she giggles and says you do it you do it. When Cruce figures out how to unlock my phone or the iPad he ,while grinning from ear to ear, shows me tricks he learned of how to close out apps or how to slide from app to app without having to go to the home screen, which I must say is pretty impressive especially for a 2yr old. When they do these things I am excited with them and enjoy watching them bubble up with joy as they share the new things they have learned with me or each other.


While I was thinking about this I thought of how much I love my two kids and how distorted and awful it must be to think that you have to do something to earn your fathers love. My kids know that I love them and want to spend time with them and be apart of their lives they don’t try and impress me to earn love or affection.
I’m sure it seems just as absurd to God when we try and earn his love. He loves us because he loves us. It is not tied to what we can do or how good we are or will be (you don’t love your kids because they will be good one day. You love them now, hopefully, unconditionally).
I have two observations I want to point out

1. When we try to earn love or affection then it takes the joy out of it.

2. Be a kid. Live. If you learn something new and your excited about it go share it with someone. If you think it is awesome and someone would love to see it then go show them and hold nothing back. Show your daddy how awesome the new toy is or how far you have come in your ability to whistle. And do it with joy.

God loves you and wants to spend time with you. He has expectations for you and he desires that you become like him and that is what we should strive for growing up to be just like our Father. So when you do something right or learn something that you realize makes you more like Him then get excited and go show him and if you mess up go to Him he will forgive you and comfort you and guide you to help you get it right next time.

Someone once explained it like this , When our kids are first learning to walk we help then balance and keep our hands on them so they don’t hurt themselves when they fall. Then we gradually move to just holding our fingertips as we walk with them. Then we stand them up against the couch and call them to take a few steps on their own. Encouraging them the entire time and when, not if, they fall we pick them back up and smile and try again. And how do they respond when they finally walk?

Just like life expects us to make measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time (the reason toilets in elementary school are so small, I said desk last time but that was before I went into the bathroom and realized that toilets are also made to fit the expected size of someone that age) so does God. He doesn’t expect us to walk the first time we stand up but as your strength and ability grow he expects us to be able to run and jump.

Get excited you have a loving father. Go run and jump. Learn to fly. Do something. Attempt great things and if you fall or fail get back and try until you get it right. Spend time with the Father today ask questions and you may be surprised at the answers you get back.


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