Are we believers or are we just kidding ourselves?

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the lottery? When you buy a ticket it is in the hope of winning Right? We wish it could happen for us and that our lives could change? But do we actually believe that we will win?


What is it that separates what we wish for and what we believe? I think Richard Wurmbrand said it best in Tortured For Christ “You believe not those parts of your creed that you recite but those parts that you act on.”

That one sentence challenged me on so many levels and still challenges me today. It has become the tool by which I measure what I believe. Am I just saying I believe something or is there actions lining up with what I’m saying? Am I just saying I believe that I can accomplish my dreams or do I have a plan that I am working that is transforming my dream into my reality.

When I started applying this train of thought to what I read in scripture I had some tuff realities to face.
Do I believe that God is absolutely perfect in every way?
Do I believe that he loves me?
Do I believe that I am now co-heirs with Christ?
Do I believe that I will recieve whatever I ask for in his name?
Do I believe that I have been forgiven?

Now I am faced with a whole new set of questions. “What beliefs do I act on?” “If I don’t line up how can I?”

Here is how John Acuff puts it
For years, I talked about what I was going to do with my life “someday.” I’d write that book. Or give that speech. Or start that business. Someday. “Later” will not be found on any calendar you ever own. Time is short and fast and we’ve got to make the most of it.

I guess the point I want to make is stop waiting on someday. Start with today doing something that will lead you to your desired destination. If we are not acting on what we say we believe then we are just kidding ourselves.


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