Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Do you remember what the world looked like when you were a kid? Do you remember that since of excitement and wonder and awe? Do you remember the times when dragons where real? When everything in you wanted to fight in the battles win the wars and be the hero that saved the day.

After talking to friends from Australia, China and the Ukraine I find myself reverting back to that kid who saw the world as an adventure that is waiting on me to experience it. The excitement of new countries and new people with new challenges waiting to be solved.


Have you ever talked to someone who sees the world as an adventure? Like Helen Keller “life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Do you know that feeling you get when you watch a movie that makes every fiber of your being long to be apart of something great. To be a part of the love story or to be the hero (after watching the avengers I can gladly swap the word hero for Hulk but that is for another story).

After talking to several people it seems that the desire to be apart of a bigger story isnt just what I am feeling but is common among all of us. We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Something great. Something Nobel. We want our life to mean something.

How many of you men if we lived the time of king Arthur would turn down the opportunity to fight as a knight of the round table? If we knew that our families only hope for freedom and peace was for us, and other ordinary men like us, to rise up and stand together for something great would we rise to the challenge?
How many of you women would fight for the chance to be the princess or the queen in the love story’s of old? How many of you women would stand to fight for your men and children? Would you accept whatever was dealt to you or would you rise up with Esther and stand up for what you believe in even at the risk of your life?

I heard a pastor asked the question once “When your kids ask what you do at work every day, what do you tell them?” His answer which started the whole thought process that lead to this post was “I tell them daddy fights dragons and lions and anything else that tries to hurt someone. And you should see the since of wonder and imagination that is in their eyes when I talk about it.”

People like that are what I’m talking about. They are contagious. It’s like they are alive. Like they are living in those great stories we want to live in.
What I am getting at is most of us live in the mundane routine where most of our life is just a series of moving from one habit to the next.
We don’t have to live like that we can be, and were created to be a part of that story we so desperately long for.

How? You have to WAKE UP! You have to believe and know that we Do live in a dark time full of dragons and beast that seek to kill and destroy everything in their path. We do live in a time where nobel men need to fight for what they love and believe in. We do live in a time where women need to stand up and fight for their men and children. Even if it is at the risk of their own lives.

We only get one life. We can spend it on ourselves or we can fight the good fight. We can fight the roaring lion that is looking for someone to devour. We can fIght the dragon who is the devil. We can be apart of the bigger story. We can make our mark in the history books as the ones who stood up and fought the dragons. You can be a part of something great. You can be a part of history. You can be a part of His-Story. The book has already been written and is waiting on a generation to stand up and fulfill what God has planned.

The desire we have to be a part of something bigger than ourselves is there for a reason. It’s there because we were created for a bigger story. Its there beacusr we were created to make a difference. It’s there because we were created to be a part of the greatest love story ever written. Wake up! Fight for what you believe in! Stop the routine of work entertainment sleep. Your families are suffering waiting on you to wake up and fight for them. Your spouse your children your communities need you to fight the good fight. They need you to be that contagious person who is full of life that wakes them up. Don’t worry about the risk! The worst thing that could happen if you fail is they put “Well, they gave it a shot” on your tombstone.
If you would allow me to plead with you for one thing I plead you to Wake up! And Don’t waste your life.


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