How to find the mentor(s) that will lead to your success

When we know where we want to go in life the next step should be finding someone who has been there and is willing to help you reach your destination. While reading biographies of extremely talented and successful people you see this common theme of mentoring.


When the student decided what they wanted to accomplish or where they wanted to go they would seek the leadership, guidance or advice of those who had accomplished what they were seeking. When we first got involved in Advocare (a direct sales company that meets people’s needs in two areas: health and finances) a little over a year ago one of the first things we were taught was don’t reinvent the wheel. Find someone who is where you want to be and do what they do. Ask them questions take their advice. Avoid the mistakes they made. Basically find a mentor.

While talking to a friend about how important it is to find a mentor in the field he is wanting to go into he expressed what I think a lot of us feel. That we want to avoid as many mistakes as possible and we want to move as quickly as possible but we don’t think anyone is willing to help us do that. So I want to offer a few steps that I took in finding a mentor(s).

1.Be strategic. Every man or woman who is successful does NOT have ALL the answers. You need to be strategic and map out WHY they would be a good mentor for you … in a specific area of your life. Some mentors may be able to help in a few different areas but they may not be where you want to go in others so multiple mentors are usually needed.
2.Grant permission. Mentoring is nothing without permission. My mentors are close to my heart for different reasons. I have men in my life, who I have given permission to speak deeply into my life, so that I can make change happen. So I can be a better man, follower of Jesus, husband, dad, friend. These are extremely important relationships in your life so the prideful need not apply.
3.Not all mentors can add value in your life, your whole life. The need for new mentors should emerge in your mind when your current relationships are mature.
4. Be active on your pursuit of growth. Don’t just meet every few months. Try and meet as often as possible to see where you are and what obstacles need to be faced or avoided.
5. Good mentors are not looking for you. Your delusional if you think successful people are out there looking to invest in your life. You need to get in their path and ask them questions. You need to get in their life and let them show you life on their terms. Don’t be the prideful or entitled person who thinks that mentors should find you.
6. Look up & down. Not all mentors are older than you. Some of the best ideas and wisdom I have gleaned came from people younger than me.

This principal is as old as the bible. Paul says it this way “Join together in following my example, brothers and sisters, and just as you have us as a model, keep your eyes on those who live as we do.” Philippians 3:17

Are you seeking out mentors? How do you decide who gets to speak into your life and who doesn’t?

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  1. tloftis2012

    I Really Needed this today!! Thank You!

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