Why I don’t share the Gospel

I wrote a few days ago on loving your neighbor as yourself. This morning I was reading Jonathan K. Dodsons book Gospel Centered Discipleship and he was on the same point of loving your neighbor as yourself when he said “The challenge of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves confronts our deep down idolatries. It exposes our functional worship of individual privacy, convenience, and comfort.”

None of us like being confronted with our personal sin. Especially the sins that expose our functional worship of privacy, convenience, and comfort. While I was reading the sentence I quoted above when I thought of a scenario that exposes my personal sin in these three areas and that I believe will help us see it in a light that will turn us back towards Christ.


‘Why don’t I share the Gospel with the poor or homeless? Because it may be uncomfortable and then when God saves them it will not be convenient to serve them, to help meet their needs, to help plug them into the body, to disciple them, etcetera. They may want something from me and may never be able to pay it back in any way. They may stink or be dirty and the list can go on and on. But what separates them from us? We could do nothing for Jesus. He did it all. We come begging for things from God and we can never give anything to God for he is the one who owns everything and needs nothing. Jesus didn’t value his privacy enough to stay in heaven and not come get in our mess. I’m sure it wasn’t convenient for Jesus to sail across the lake to a homeless naked demon possessed man who destroyed everything he touched to free him. I’m sure the cross and the grave were comfortable.’

No matter what our social status is without Christ we are all in the same boat (sinners desperately in need of a savior). The Holy Spirit works in us to ‘will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose’. Don’t rationalize away opportunities to share the Gospel. Don’t fall into sins trap of thinking your social status make you to good or to bad to share the gospel with someone who is in the same boat you are in without Christ. No amount of awkwardness is to much to go through to see someone saved. If you want to be closer to, more like, or used by Christ then you will have to die to yourself. That means you will have to put Christ first before your comfort privacy and convenience and learn to trust in Him. But the great thing is Jesus said that anything you lose for his sake in this life He will give back to you in abundance in this life and in the one to come.

If you are with me in this sin then join me in praying for Christ forgiveness. For the holy spirit to help us die to our self centeredness and to empower us to live like christ through His power to think of and value others as more important than ourselves. And let’s walk this out not just in words but in action.

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What are some ways we can serve people?
For example: where Jesus said if you have a banquet don’t invite your friends and family who will pay you back instead invite the poor who can’t.


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