Are we contributing to the Average?

We hear all the time it is the people who go against the flow who make a difference. It is the people who do something different who rise above mediocrity. Even last night while watching The Lorax (great movie by the way) with my kids you hear things like. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better – it’s not.” And, “It’s not about what it is, Its about what it can become.”

I think we all know that statements like that are true. We have the results of peoples lives that prove these things but the pressure to be normal the pressure to go with the flow is huge. The pressure to do things the way everyone else says is good enough and the way everyone else is doing them can can drive you to lead a mediocre life. If you havent proven to yourself or had it proven to you that a different way of thinking creates different results, then you will likely default back to that normal way of thinking. That results in living average lives.

If you are doing what everyone else is doing if your thinking what everyone else is thinking then you are doing and thinking something wrong. The thing is everyone else doesn’t make the money that you want to make. They are not doing what you want to do. They are not creating the kind of kids and the kind of life that you want. If you are doing what everyone else is doing then by definition you are only contributing to the average. Do you want to be average? No!
Nobody wants to get to the end of their life and say well I created an average life.
“We want people to be amazed at our kids. We want people to be amazed at how much we give. We want people to be in awe of the lives we live. Not because we want to be admired. But because they are inspired to greater giving and to greater service to other people by what they see you do. You want people to be in awe of your life not for any pat on the back that you get but because it will inspire them to think outside of average, to think in a different way.” Andy Andrews.

So if you want to live that kind of life you can’t fold into the pressure of the average. You have to be different think different and live different than everyone else.

It is harder to go up stream but so worth it. It will take a lot more effort than the ordinary to live extraordinary.

Will we contribute to the average?
It’s your choice.


Please leave a comment: What are some things that you do different that separates you or will seperate you from the average? What is the best advice you can give someone wanting to rise above the average.



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2 responses to “Are we contributing to the Average?

  1. tloftis2012

    I would say Setting Goals & setting a Deadline for your goals…Its something that a lot of people struggle with (including myself) in their life. When i was a Kid I did it with my sports & made it happen b4 the time frame i set…Not sure why I got out of that Habit but I am doing it now with little goals and working my way up to the bigger ones.

  2. Reading a book a week. All of the men who have had a huge impact on my life and who I want to be like all gave me the same advice. They all said read a book a week. So this is probably the best advice I can give to someone wanting to rise above the average.

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