4 steps to selling (skip one and you’ll be the pushy guy everyone avoids)

Everyone is in sales. If you have ever asked someone on a date, gave advice, lead a group etcetera you are in sales. If you are a spouse, parent, friend or mentor you are in sales. Now that we all know we are in sales We need to know the process to follow to keep from being the pushy guy everyone avoids.

There is a 4 step process to selling/buying. When you have all of the steps you will not be pushy but if you skip a step you will be. And in following these steps you decrease the amount of NO’s you get because you don’t finish the last step until you have dealt with the issues that would make them say no.

1. Qualification (Customer needs my product/service and has the resources to pay for it)

2. Build rapport (Builds relationship in order to serve customer. It has to be about them. Meeting their needs)

3. Teach (Educate customer on product/service why they need it and how it is in their best interest. Sales is about serving others in a way that meets their needs)

4. Close (The customer is in a position to buy your product/service, you have found out that it meets their needs, you have communicated to them your thoughts and feelings of your product and how it meets their needs and after all of that you can ask for the sale.)


If you skip any of these steps it makes you pushy and when you push you will get a NO. So take the time to make sure you go through every step with someone. And Ask for the sale. If you believe in the product and believe that it is in the best interest of the customer to buy then don’t hesitate when it comes to the close (asking for the sale).


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