No means not right now

In sales there are a lot of NO’s! And some people can’t take them so they don’t pursue a carrier in sales. I want to encourage you to keep going. For if you don’t quit you will reap your reward. If NO is the reason you are getting discouraged let me shine some light on the word and hopefully take some sting out of it.


There are a lot of good reasons to say NO. So don’t let someone’s no discourage you. It is not a personal rejection of you and sometimes it’s not even a rejection of your product it is simply No not right now. Here is a list of some good reasons to say No. and what those NO’s mean

1. No- I don’t have the money but instead of saying that I say NO

2. No- I don’t think I need that product or service. (on this one you haven’t sharing with them why they need your product or service. You tried to close the sale before you thought about what is in their best interest)

3. No- I haven’t talked to my spouse yet and they will kill me if I spend this much money without asking first. But I will never tell you this so to you I say NO

4. No- I have medical issues and need to check with my doctor.

5. No- I have an emergency going on and I can’t focus or think about it right now.

6. No- I have been “burned” before and have never heard of your company/product so until I am comfortable with them NO.

The list can go on but I believe that is adequate enough to get the point across. No is not a personal rejection. Sometimes all it means is I’m not comfortable sharing why I am saying no so all you get is a simple no. No just means not righ now. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have heard NO from someone who then turns around 1hr 1wk or 1yr later and say Yes. So here is a few tips.

Don’t be offended or upset.

Don’t ruin the eventual Yes by being a jerk when you hear No.

Act as if you don’t know the meaning of the word NO! (This is my kids personal favorite. I can tell them no 1k times and they will still be smiling asking expecting me to do what they want.)


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  1. Tammy

    Love it! Very true & I Forget about that sometimes….Sales is the Primary in My Personal Training & my Advocare

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