Because we can

Here is a Section from a hillsong blog by Catherine Thambiratnam called Because We Can.


BECAUSE is all about the need, there are so many “BECAUSES” in this world. “BECAUSE” represents the injustices towards humanity, and there are many. BECAUSE represents our cause, our mandate and our purpose.

WE is intentional. We believe in the collective action of a people united in love and a just cause. “WE” is inclusive, it tells a story of unity and of people choosing to put their strength and resource behind a BECAUSE that is bigger than what one individual can respond to.

CAN is simply that there needs to be no other reason to get involved apart from because it is possible, within our reach; because we are able to help and contribute no matter how small or large. Because We CAN.

When we see injustice we often say “someone should do something” Because We Can says “and that someone might as well be me”.

The church does not need any other reason to move into action. We are called to love people and that love is not a sitting back and saying come to us but a going out and pursuing people. There is a need and it is for people to take responsibility as the church and stand up and fight for the people it is built for. Let’s stop saying someone should do something. God is showing us that something needs to be done because he wants us to say “That someone might as well be me.”. Let’s change the world because we can.


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