Busy vs Productive

Many people here at the end of the year are reflecting on 2012 and planning for 2013. Many of those plans look like this.
1. Make more money.
2. Get fit.
3. Do more of what I love.

“Shameless plug” ( this is something that my wife and I are passionate about and the industry that we will be in hopefully forever. So if this is you MSG me or leave a comment)

so I believe now is as good a time as ever to write to you briefly on multiplying your income while freeing up more time to do what you love and how to get fit without spending 3hrs a day at the gym.

And it’s simple!

Most people when asked why they don’t do more of what they love? or why they don’t lose weight? or why they don’t make more money? Say “I would if I had time but I’m to busy already.”

The problem is that most people mistake being busy for being productive. At work at home on hobbies in nearly every area of our lives we spend 80% of our time on things that only produce around 20% of our results. And the opposite is true also. That we spend 20% of our time on our strengths or our clients that produce 80% of our results.

Here is the solution.
Busy work = killing time.
Productive work = maximizing time.

1. Find out what produces the most results for the time put in. (So working 80hrs a week for $900 isn’t as good as maybe a side job that pays $300 with 8hrs of work.)
2. Cut the fat. Don’t just be busy be productive and you will buy back time. Make the 80% become the 20% that produces more or cut the time you spend on them. If they stay with you great if not great but either way you have more time and money
3. Focus on producing more in less time and you will make more in less time. Focus on doing the activities that produce results not just on being busy for a certain period of time.

Remember none of this matters if you don’t already know the goal that you are working towards.


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