From Passion to Profits. How to get paid doing what you love

In my last post How to find your Passion Purpose and Profit I asked 21 questions to help people find the answers to what it is that they truly love and enjoy and shared that they could earn money doing what they love. The response has been amazing. Within a few hours it had earned the top spot as my most viewed post ever!
Then I started hearing responses of people who immediately started taking action and were having amazing results and was blown away by the impact those simple questions were having on people.

Many people started calling and emailing asking how they could earn a profit in their specific field of passion. That is when I realized just sending someone to find a mentor or read a book wasn’t going to be enough that there were Questions that I needed to help answer.
Like these
“How can I support my family doing this? Will living off of my passion not kill the passion? Would knowing that I have to put more products out to make more money not force me to sacrifice quality and creativity?”

First I want to say that I completely understand and have asked these questions myself. Some this week.

1. How can I earn money doing what I love?
Norman Vincent Peale said,”There is a magic formula for success: No enterprise can succeed without it; any enterprise can succeed with it. Indeed, it can lead to success in life itself. The formula is stated six powerful words-short words, only three of them containing as many as four letters. They are these- and mark them well: find a need and fill it.”

This is the foundation of all Business.
Mixing your strengths and passion what needs can you fill? The answer is how you make money. And it might start with one thing and move on as your passions and strengths are more and more defined and refined.

2. Will living off of my passion not kill the passion?

Don’t quit your day job.
Although you know your passion now and your ready to be the next John Mayer or Seth Godin if you quit your job today chances of you making it nearly disappear. If you want a step by step guide to quitting I would recommend reading Quitter by John Acuff.

3. Would knowing that I have to put more products out to make more money not force me to sacrifice quality and creativity?

Start small.
This is the key. Most entrepreneurs see the big picture of what their business is going to be or can be. The goal is to navigate to that end not jump out of a plane and hope the wind carries us to that destination. You do this by starting where you are. The need that we found earlier, how can you meet that need for 1 person tonight or this weekend. Take action now. No matter how small.
You have to start somewhere. You can not serve thousands until you can serve one.

Once the income you make from your passion is large enough then you can make the jump without ever worrying about sacrificing your art or feeding your family.

Most people think you have to just jump out of the plane and hope everything works out on the way down. That’s why they never start but those who start wherever they can grow their passion and income together and when they are full grown they give birth to the life of our dreams.


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