The only thing we can control

There are a lot things that we can’t control.
Like when our lives begin.
The family we are born into.
The year.
The time.
The city we grow up in.
We can’t control the weather or the seasons.
And most of us can’t control when we die.

God gives us this one extremely important part of our lives to control.


How you spend each moment is up to you. You decide if you are going to be happy and enjoy the moment. You decide if you are going to build that new discipline. You decide if you are going to believe in your dreams. Are you going to walk the dog, sing a song, learn a new dance or pick up a paint brush.

How we spend the moments determines how our lives turn out. We can want a better future for ourselves or our kids but how we spend this moment this time Now will ultimately determine the outcome of our lives. Just like faith without works is dead so dreams without actions are merely instances of wishful thinking.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV)

If you know there is something that you need to do don’t wait. If you need to call someone do it now. If you need to thank someone do it now. If you need to pray do it now. If you need to play right now play. If you need to sing then sing.

These are some of the little things that we put off that become this huge burden that we avoid because now you can’t do all of these Now. You look at the mountain of small task left undone and instead of choosing to start with one you become overwhelmed and do nothing. If this is you then decide to become a person of action Now and live with purpose.

Use those times for what they are meant for and you will have a life filled with joy and happiness. And you will leave a legacy that will reach through time and impact lives from generation to generation.

You are in control of your NOW! How will you spend it?


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One response to “The only thing we can control

  1. tloftis2012

    Had this almost Exact conversation with a Perfect Stranger on my bus ride this morning before I ever read this! Absolutely Amazing Perfect Timing! #Awesomeness

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