8 ways to find your Calling, for High School students

How to figure out What You Want To Be when you grow up.

Most of us at 5 when asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” could instantly spit out an answer. Lets be honest at 5 there only were only about 5-10 jobs that existed and they all seemed exciting or fun. Then when we turned 13 we were asked the question again. Our knowledge of the jobs out there had grown and we knew that some jobs were boring and definitely not for us. So we picked being a cop or firefighter maybe a nurse or a doctor. The same thing that helped us determine what we wanted at 5 is what helped us at 13. We made our choice by combing through the jobs that we knew that existed and picked the one that excited us. The one that we thought we could through ourselves into that would challenge us but that we could also have a blast doing.
So what changed from 13 to 17/18? More choices. More knowledge. More at stake. Now it’s pick a college not a career. Or it’s pick both. How can we know what to choose? What if I make the wrong choice? Now instead of listing 30 things that you want to do when you grow up you can’t even pick one.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have your cake and eat it to. You can find your passion and purpose and your own unique talents and skills and do work that is uniquely you and love every second of it.

I am about to give you a list of questions and ideas that when answered will help you have a deeper understanding of:
Who you are
What you stand for
What your passion and purpose is
What your talents and strengths are
And hopefully how you can (find, create or do) the work you love.

1. What is the bigger picture?

God created us to know and enjoy Him. And we are saved and brought back into that relationship. Now out of that we are blessed to be a blessing.
How do you fit in to Gods bigger story? (You don’t have to answer this immediately but I would encourage you to think about it before moving on and when you finish come back and write your answer.)

2. Who do you want to be?

This is a little different than what you want to do but even more important. Who you are doesn’t change if your job someday does. How do I know who I want to be?
First ask yourself this. What kind of parent do I want to be? What kind of spouse? What kind of friend?
Who inspires me? Why?
Then ask your self why you want to be that kind of person.
I personally answered these questions by looking at men and women who woke me up. Who made my life better. Then I found what it was about them that so impacted my life. I then took characteristics and pieces from them all and pieced a picture together of the man that I want to be.
(Be careful not to confuse being with doing here. Just because a football coach made me want to be a great mentor doesn’t mean that I have to become a football coach.)

3. Lets say Bill Gates gives you $300million. Three years from now what will you be doing on a day to day basis?

This gets to the meat of what impact you want to make on the world. If you have had 3 yrs to buy houses and cars and clothes and travel the world then you pretty much have what you want. But that will get boring after a while. When you run out of stuff to buy and places to go, Who do you want to be around? Who do you want to enjoy life with? Who’s life do you want to be better because you are here? How will you impact them? Don’t just say give the money away. Dig deeper than that. What value can you bring to people?

4. What excites you? What do you love doing?

What do you always find yourself sharing or talking about? This could be a lot of hobbies or sports. The point isn’t to nail down what your passionate about but to make a list of all of those things so that you can see them together. Once you have them together you may find that they all have the same common theme or two.

5. If you could prove the world wrong and do one thing that they all say is impossible, what would it be?

Mine is to create a few companies one of those companies is a coffee shop where anyone can come in relax and engage with and share in their community. Where people can meet and help and play a role in each others lives as well as the life of the city. I don’t think it matters how young I am or how the economy is. The world says that it is crazy to try but know one ever created anything of value that the world didn’t first think it impossible.
So what is it for you? Do you have a dream of a place that you want to create? Is there something that needs to exist? If you want to be a coach but you don’t want to teach don’t just accept what the world hands you. Explore other options. Like coaching at the pro semi pro or travel ball levels. Options like that open the opportunity for you to do what you love without having to accept the job that comes with it.
Norman Vincent Peale said,”There is a magic formula for success: No enterprise can succeed without it; any enterprise can succeed with it. Indeed, it can lead to success in life itself. The formula is stated six powerful words-short words, only three of them containing as many as four letters. They are these- and mark them well: find a need and fill it.”

6. What are your strengths? What are you good at? What work do you do that is unique?

You can use online resources to help if you need to. I bout a book called StrengthFinders and then took their online test that found and listed my top 5 strengths and how I can improve them. It also gave resources that showed me what strengths I need to find in other people to help me get where I want to go. The online test if you sign up for it on the site cost $10 it is well worth it and saves a lot of time. They also give jobs that you might be interested in that go with your strengths.
What do you always over deliver on?

7. If you could create a masterpiece, a piece of art that embodied all of who you are and connected on a deep level with others and left them inspired and in a state of awe What would it be?

(A speech, a book, an idea, a movement, song, dance, service, business, lesson, painting or maybe a story.) Dont count yourself out because of the word art. Art is only an expression of the human soul fully alive. Art can be anything. Art engages your imagination and creativity and expresses your uniqueness. People love art and pay a lot of money for it because it shows them what is possible. It inspires them. Making art takes guts but in you taking the chance and putting your work out there you overcome your fear and that is what makes it valuable.
If you were not afraid what would you creat? What would you do? What will your art be?

8. One year from now what will you look back on and be proud of? What about 5 years? 10?

Most people let fear keep them from living out their dreams and their passions. They look back and say if only I would have had the courage. If only I knew then what I do now.
This doesn’t have to be you. You don’t have to live with regrets. This is an exciting time. You get to go on the adventure. Discover the world. Create the world that the next generation will live in. So what is it that you can do That you can start now, that 1 year or 100 years from now can be looked back on with pride not regret.

Find a need and fill it. That is the best advice I have ever herd when it comes to making money. That is the basis of the free enterprise system and the reason that I became an entrepreneur. You can design the life that you want to live. You don’t have to wait on a certain age or a specific degree. There are needs in the marketplace and you can take your talents, your strengths, your heart and passion and meet those needs. And when you do it’s called business. You can do what you love and get paid for it. You can have your cake and eat it to. And best of all, you can be You when you grow up.

Answer these questions and when you know what it is that you want to do then take a serious look at yourself and see what skills you have already and what you will need to be able to accomplish your goal. Then get to work on building those skills.

Don’t wait until everything is perfect to start though. Start now. Look for how you can feel those needs now although they may be much smaller until your skills are developed. The important part is to get moving. You can adjust and readjust along the way.


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