Fear Forgiveness and Going to Far

Is it better to ask for forgiveness or permission?

Is it better to go to far or should we all go to the edge and then take a step back?

The real question is, Do we submit to our fears or overcome them?

I heard fear described once as

Fear is that whisper that says “If you say that they will get offended. That is impossible. You can’t do that. Who do you think you are? Don’t give everything, you need something to fall back on if this fails. Etc.”

When these questions come ask yourself this:
What am I believing to be true that isn’t?

It’s like this. If I believe that failure is fatal then I will always fear it. But if I view failure as just another way to learn then I can say it sucks but now I know what not to do.

Falling is a part of life. Hitting the ground hurt but the pain of falling isn’t greater than the joy of running and playing so we learned to walk and then run.

Doing something that matters, something that makes a difference in the lives of others takes courage.
You jump and either fly or fall. No will say its easy. You will have to keep your eye on what it will feel like to finally fly in order to keep going after you fall a few times. You will have to make your mind up and say I will persevere without exception and then one day you will fly.

Then you will join the ranks of those who say “It is not easy but man it is so worth it. It is better than I could have ever imagined.”

You have to risk going to far to go far enough. It’s better to go to far and fly than to play it safe and settle for only dreaming of flying. There are always people who get offended. Ask forgiveness for wasting those people’s time and go share your MSG with everyone else who needs it.


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