When is enough,enough?…

Is it when you dread your alarm clock not because you don’t want to wake up but because you don’t want to go to a place that you hate…
Or when you get that ridiculous comment from your boss…
Or when you miss that birthday…
Or when Christmas morning gets here and your stuck at the office…

Define what’s enough.
What is to far?
Where do you draw the line?

By making that decision you will finally be able to breath and have peace of mind, because this forces your values and actions to line up.

If you have been out of line to long like many of us then maybe it’s time to design an escape route. Don’t quit your job today, instead lets put every once of energy we can into designing a future that you can put your heart and passion into.

I personally knew exactly what I hated and didn’t want in my life anymore but that wasn’t enough to get me out of the career I was in. I had to know what I did want before I was ready to design that life and creat an adequate exit strategy from what I didn’t want.

Start here,
What do you enjoy?
What do you want to do? (Don’t put a job title down that is to narrow and small.)

My list looked like this:
I want to help people.
I want to travel the world with my wife and kids.
I want to do what everyone else says is impossible.
I want to make a difference.
I want to give more than I have ever dreamed of.
I want to put normal (status quo) to death.

There are more than a few careers or businesses that line up with these desires, and those are just the ones that I know of.
The point is there are many more options that meet what you want out of life when you just look at what you want and don’t narrow it down to one specific job title or industry. This greatly increases the odds of the work you choose being one that you are passionate about. One that you can put your heart into. One that never seems like work.

95% of people hate what they do. 95% of people also accept the first job offer they receive that is perceived as any better than their current work. 95% of people when asked what they want can’t give you an answer other than more money. They have dreams but don’t see any way to live those dreams other than winning the lottery, so they accept what they have not believing that what they really want is possible, therefore when asked they just say more money. And after a while most of them don’t even remember what their dreams where in the first place.

Don’t do what the 95% do!

Life is about freedom. Freedom to make choices. Freedom to be with the ones you love. Freedom to do what you love. Freedom to stand out and make a difference. Freedom to pursue our dreams. Life is about more than money and when you can see that freedom is available and it doesn’t cost a million dollars you will start making choices based on your dreams not your circumstances.

I recently read of a young couple who had a dream to sail around the world. They lived within their means, saving money for 4 years. They then bought a sail boat and moved to the beach where they could spend their afternoons on the water training and getting ready for their trip. After 18 months they decided it was time they sold the cars rented out the house, pulled their 3 boys out of school and with $40,000 in the boat, supplies and bank they set sail as a family. 13 months later they pulled back into the dock and sold the boat for $36,000. Total cost of their trip, $4,000 and 13 months. That is crazy. That Is impossible. Everybody said this is nuts that they can’t do it. Did they listen, no. They were not the 95%. They knew exactly what they wanted and they were not going to settle for waiting on retirement or winning the lottery to do it.

What is it that you really want? What freedoms do you want that you don’t currently have?
I always ask myself 3 questions that help me get into action.
How? (do I get there)


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