Don’t be a zombie… Do something exciting instead

Who are you talking to when you have a conversation with yourself?

Do we all have split personalities? Do we all have a touch of crazy in us or what? I’m ok calling everyone, especially myself, a little crazy.

I have a lot of time by myself during the day at work so these conversations with myself happen regularly. What I found is that I have 2 distinctly separate responses. The first says “that will be awesome go for it.” The second says, “play it safe, remember what’s on the line, you can’t afford to fail.”

One part of me wants to climb, to jump, to make an impact, to challenge the status quo, to create and do something that has never been done, to be wild and adventurous. While this other side wants to play it safe, to stay in my comfort zone, to lay low and avoid failing.

Basically go on an adventure or be a zombie. And not the cool zombies from the thrilled video.

Three years ago a perfect storm hit my life and turned everything upside down. I was ticked. I had listened to the side that said play it safe and these things can’t happen. I had bought into this idea of, be a zombie and don’t risk failure and in 40 years you can wake up and live the life you want. IT DOES NOT WORK. And I thank God every day that it didn’t because I realized in that storm that FAILURE ISN’T FATAL.

Apparently all I needed was to know FAILURE IS JUST AN OPPORTUNITY TO START OVER. Because I immediately took what I was passionate about and set out to make an impact. I touched one persons life and knew, this is the work that will make a difference in the lives of others if I just make the jump and go for it. Something great happens when you jump. Your heart starts beating a little faster your adrenalin starts pumping and there is this excitement about what’s going to happen next because (the plan) just went out the window. It’s like taking your zombie self to skydive and you get up to jump and as soon as you jump you snap out of it FULLY AWAKE. Zombies don’t play or fly so they stay on the plane being boring.

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I went on these wild adventures. All I needed was a dog a friend or a pocket knife and a 12 hr trip through the woods was going to happen. I remember when I was around 12 or 13 my friend Jake had this great idea to cut through the woods to this old grave yard. I’m not sure if there was a grave yard or not but that didn’t matter to us we were with a friend on an adventure. We couldn’t have been a half mile from his house when we found our adventure for the day. A house that could have been built in the early 1800s. We were in the middle of the woods and the woods were in the middle of this house. Really there was a huge oak that had grown out of the living room floor and straight through the roof. When we saw the old creepy house we knew we had found the story we were looking for. So like all adventures we went in. (What kind of adventure would it have been if we only found the house. Only adults could be boring zombies back then.) We spent a good 2hrs tip toeing around looking at everything, even though I’m sure it was closer to 5min. Then the unexpected happened, the wind blew and the door slammed shut. When my feet hit the ground next I was through the back door and looking over my shoulder for Jake who I think dove out the window, when my face and chest found the old fence that went with the creepy house. Now this adventure had to be told to the rest of our friends on monday, I had the battle scars to prove it was real and we had a great story about how a zombie slammed the door trying to eat us.

When I started ignoring the voice that said “you can’t do that” or “you might fail if I try this”, my heart started beating again and I started doing things that I couldn’t control. I didn’t know what the outcome would be when I started a business, all I knew was I had the exact same feeling I had when I was 12 standing outside that house.

Was I scared? Yes. Was a voice in the back of my head saying don’t do it? Yes. But when I was 12 I was good at ignoring that voice and making the jump anyways and now 12 years later I am good at ignoring that voice again. Was it worth pushing myself out of my comfort zone? I’ll just say the results were greater than anything I could have ever imagined. I not only get to change families lives forever but we get to go on some great adventures along the way. And the best part is we are not zombies anymore.

Once you taste the sweetness of an adventure again it’s hard to settle for the same boring thing everyday. Once you make an impact in someone’s life it becomes contagious you can’t help but do it again.

Life offers everyone the opportunity be extraordinary, to be adventurous and exciting. All it requires of you is to be awake and willing to fail and start again. If you don’t like those options then sign up for zombie indoctrination. I hear they will take anyone with hands and feet.


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