I want my story to be one of…

When I look back on my life I want to see a progression of excitement and adventure.
I don’t want normal. Normal is easy. Normal is boring Anybody can do it.
I want our story to be more to be one of overcoming obstacles, doing the impossible and persevering without exception.
When I look back on my story I want to see a picture of Jesus reaching out and touching thousands of lives. I want my life to be seen as an example of what’s possible when someone gives the paintbrush to God and says I trust you to paint my best story.

Because I’m not going to tell my kids what’s possible. I’m going to show them!

Show them how to love, how to live, how to dance, how to enjoy the little things, how to lend a hand, how to work hard, how to care, how to dream, believe, how to be vulnerable, how to be strong, how to touch the lives around them, how to make a difference, how to go when others stop, how to change the world, how to lead and follow, how to love God, how to lay down their life, how to live for the bigger story.

We all tell a story. What will your story be?

It all starts with the man in the mirror.


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One response to “I want my story to be one of…

  1. tloftis2012

    You are Truly an Amazing Man, Husband & Father! Blessed beyond Measure! Super Proud of You!

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