Choice or Chance? Take control of your future.

Is your life where you thought it would be? Is it where you want it to be? Do you love what you do? Are you heading in the direction of the future you want?

Choice, not chance, is what determines your destiny. What you do is ultimately up to you.

We make choices everyday. Choices to stay in our comfort zone. Choices to fit in. Choices to do something we care about. Choices to start moving in a better direction.

Your current circumstances are a result of the past choices you have made. If you want better circumstances start making better choices.

I chose to play it safe and take the job with the big company with good benefits and the most security. I slowly realized what we trade for security is our freedom. I realized that I was trading the freedom to make more money for the security of the same check every week. I traded time freedom for benefits.
I eventually reached a level of disgust with my current circumstances when my secure job decided to drop my pay. That’s when I decided to take my freedom back into my own hands.

I don’t know if we will ever fully understand the power that making a choice has. But that day I made a choice that my wife deserves more and that my kids deserve more and that I would do whatever it took to give it to them period. Now 2 years later I write this just a few short months away from passing our goal of doubling my income and taking the step to becoming a work from home dad.

It’s the small choices that we make everyday that lead to a better future. And it’s a lot easier to consistently make the right choice when you have a goal in front of you. Make the choice to run a 5k to help raise money for a cancer patient and suddenly the choice to drink water instead of coke is really easy.

Will you remain the same or will you take a stand and create something that makes the world awesome? The choice is up to you. We made the choice.


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