Mind control Use it to win in business and relationships

1st rule to winning, don’t beat yourself. How often are we our own worst enemies? I believe the answer to that will surprise you. Today I want to share a few tips on Mind Control… Not the spooky stuff but how to begin controlling your own mind.

Now I don’t believe any of us are our own worst enemy on purpose,  so how do we sabotage  our own work without knowing it?


First do this experiment with me

When I say a word what is the first word that comes to mind,

Peanut butter reminds us of________


The word dog reminds us of________


The word red reminds us of________

Rose, car or dress.

Monday morning reminds us of______


Friday reminds us of_______

The weekend


These are all triggers and they can either help us or hurt us. If I think of work and the first thought that comes to mind is “I hate that place.” The likelihood of you ever doing exceptional work and getting a promotion or raise drops significantly. Same thing when you think of your boss. (Ouch)

Now I want to take it a step further. What is your first thought when you think of your spouse? “Irritating? I wish they would do this or that? Why do they never do what I want? Etc”


Our thoughts shape our attitude. What you think about your neighbor is your attitude towards them. What you think about your spouse is your attitude towards them. Our attitude helps us determine what actions to take, how often we take action and if we are positive or negative about it. And action is the ingredient that determines how our life turns out.


Jon Acuff in his book start talks about the voices in our head that whisper lies to us. When we want to do something that matters the voices get loud and tell us we can’t or we aren’t good enough or we don’t have the right background or skill and the list goes on and on. And if we listen to those voices we will never change or do the great work we are capable of. So to silence the voices he says write them down. The big voice seems really small when you put it on paper. But don’t just write it down refute it with the truth.

It looks like this.


Spouse (triggers) Uhg I don’t think they will ever change…

That’s a lie. Write it down. Then refute it with truth. All things are possible for those who believe. I sure do love her. He is going to be the man I know he can be. She is a great mother and loves us. Etc.


Work (triggers) I don’t think I will ever be successful… Lie

I can learn new skills. I am smart and creative. I can do great work. I just have to find a way and take massive action. The only difference between me and those who are successful is they took Action.


Changing your life, circumstances and the results you have been getting seems like magic but it is actually just controlling what you allow yourself to think and dwell on. Anyone can completely change their life because anyone can change their actions by changing their attitude. And anyone can change their attitude by changing their thinking.

What do you think about your job or neighbor or circumstances today? What are your triggers? Your lies? What do you need to start speaking life into today?


Do it and every area of your life can start changing today.



If this has helped you please pass it along.


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