What do you do when you are scared to…

chase your dream?

When you know what you want to do and

what you should do but that devil known as fear shows up?

I have this dream of writing and speaking and helping as many people as I can design a better future

but…(even as I write this fear pops up and says “who do you think you are?” “you cant talk about that everyone will think you are nuts” and about a thousand other vile things.) That is why I have to. When you have a dream it seems like the first and last thing you want to tell everyone about. If you share it then you have to own it. If fear can keep you from stepping up or standing out then it will never have to face the unknown. It can keep you right where you are.

So how do you get through the resistance? You press in. When you feel the resistance say turn and run, press in. Don’t avoid fear use it more like a compass to point you in the direction you should go. Dreams are emotional and there is a lot of emotional labor that will go into you realizing your dream. Emotional labor is uncomfortable and vulnerable and is the kind of thing Fear Hates. So the trick is to do the uncomfortable long enough and with enough passion for it to become a little more comfortable. Enviroment is everything so if you aren’t getting the results that you want look at who you are hanging around. Is the communities that you are a part of pushing you to become more? do more? dream more? If not then find some people that are going for it and you will find that soon you are doing the same.


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