1 Reason We need more Halloweens

Today Americans in every community embrace being weird. Being creative. Being different. They take off the mask they hide behind almost every other day of the year that says they need to fit in and be normal and they are encouraged to create something.
Halloween is a day where we forget the map, throw out the rules and with a clean slate, we create. Nothing is out of bounds. There is no right or wrong. And there is a deadline so you can’t procrastinate. Show up in your costume tomorrow when everyone is back to “normal” and you will be laughed at. Today though you will be embraced for your genius.

We need more Halloweens to help people realize that they have a gift. If there is only one you can pass it off as being lucky but when given the opportunity to share your creativity with everyone, without fear of being kicked out of the group, multiple times it creates this thing in us called belief and courage.  And we all need a little more of that.


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