Hi my name is Bradley McCoy and I am a DREAMER. This blog is about a lot of things but most of all it exist to let you know that its ok for you to be a dreamer too. I used to think that I had to be successful before I could offer anyone a hand but I found that a lot of people are not looking for someone at the end of the road to guide them. What they are looking for is someone to travel the journey with them. Someone who they can enjoy the journey with. I have this picture of the man that I want to be before I die. The husband and father and christian that I am racing towards and I write about those things that help me become more of that man. I am fascinated with people, ideas, business, Jesus, books, science and a few things in between. I also love stories of that weird breed of people who against all odds Changed everything. Thats why I know that it is possible for not only me but you as well.


One response to “About

  1. Hello Bradley!

    This is Celina with the Start a Blog Challenge Team.
    I just wanted to ask you for your email address since it was not included in the form you filled out when you joined the Start a Blog Challenge.

    As you might already know, this information is not disclosed to anybody, but it is necessary for us to send you communications in regards on how the Start a Blog Challenge is going. Would you please reply to this message or send me an email to celina@liveyourlegend.net?

    Thanks in advance.

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