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Blog is moving!

Have recently moved to my new self hosted blog

Join the fun at Your Life Project and come along for the next part of this adventure called life. Can’t wait to see you on the other side.



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Do you really want to know the truth?

Do you really want to know the truth?

Most people don’t because it shows us a future that is different than the one we want. So we practice denial and wishful thinking instead.

If we accept the truth then we have to own the results of it.

The question “what did you do with what you were given?” Inspires some but scares others stiff. Ownership is hard, denial is easier, I get it.

But the truth is that no amount of denial or procrastination will let you avoid the question that we will all eventually be asked “what did you do with what you were given?”

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1 Reason We need more Halloweens

Today Americans in every community embrace being weird. Being creative. Being different. They take off the mask they hide behind almost every other day of the year that says they need to fit in and be normal and they are encouraged to create something.
Halloween is a day where we forget the map, throw out the rules and with a clean slate, we create. Nothing is out of bounds. There is no right or wrong. And there is a deadline so you can’t procrastinate. Show up in your costume tomorrow when everyone is back to “normal” and you will be laughed at. Today though you will be embraced for your genius.

We need more Halloweens to help people realize that they have a gift. If there is only one you can pass it off as being lucky but when given the opportunity to share your creativity with everyone, without fear of being kicked out of the group, multiple times it creates this thing in us called belief and courage.  And we all need a little more of that.

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As OBAMACARE approaches Americans are scrambling for answers. With health care cost inevitably on the rise many businesses are having to make some tuff decisions. Although many large companies are taking a huge hit, like Delta Air Lines who in June wrote a letter to the Obama administration complaining that it’s healthcare cost would rise to nearly $100 million in 2014, they will continue providing health insurance for their employees.   The same can’t be said for everyone though. Many small businesses who understand something our government  evidently doesn’t, that to remain in business you must make a profit, can not afford to take the financial blow that Obamacare brings. As a result we will be seeing many business cutting employees down to 28 hr weeks.   There are many people scratching their heads trying to figure out what steps to take next to keep the bills paid and food on the table. THE WORLD AND ECONOMY IS CHANGING QUICKLY.  To keep up you will have to adapt. Small businesses are great at solving problems and this problem will be solved as well.   THE SOLUTION- for many small businesses is to cut back as many hours as they have too, then contract everything out that they can. For example if I have a project that requires a web developer and an internet marketer instead of getting my employees to handle everything like normal I just hop online and go to one of the trusted freelance websites and hire two people to complete the project for a slightly higher rate than what my employees hourly rates would have been.   That’s good news and bad news at the same time. Freelancers are going to get a hefty pay increase because of increased demand. And employees will have to learn to be more efficient and effective as their bosses get used to hiring projects out.  But Business must go on.   So here is a call to all employees, don’t get mad at things you can’t control but learn to control what you can. You were hired to do a job and do it well. You have talents and skills. Use them. Don’t blame the obamacare or the economy. (You can blame obamacare if you really want to, just don’t let it stop you from taking personal responsibility for your own income.) Here is a good one, don’t blame the entrepreneurs just become one.   If you are trying to figure out what to do here is your answer!!!  Find a problem and solve it.  That’s how your company was started and that is how you can start your own.  Knowing now that your next 6 months is going to change drastically go ahead and begin learning everything you need to know to run a successful freelance business. Or a successful business in general.   Obamacare may be a great blessing to our country, when great problems arise great solutions are born. I personally believe that the entrepreneur spirit working in each and every one of is what America needs to not only survive this time but to take our country to a new level of greatness.     If you know anyone who needs to read this, who needs to prepare for the next shift in our economy then please pass it along.   I would love to hear your feedback and what you believe is the best solutions for those who will be taking the direct hit from obamacare.


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Are you fighting in the Arena…

Today I want to share a little gift with you. I read recently an excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt’s “Citizenship In A Republic” speech, delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on April 23, 1910.

The Man (or Woman) In The Arena…

It is not the critic who counts;
not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,
or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,
whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;
who strives valiantly; who errs,
who comes short again and again,
because there is no effort without error and shortcoming;
but who does actually strive to do the deeds;
who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions;
who spends himself in a worthy cause;
who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement,
and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly,
so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

-Theodore Roosevelt

It is the people who are willing to step into the arena and go for what they believe in who change the world. We need more of these people who see trying and failing as a small price to pay for the chance of success. More people who see greater risk in not taking action on their dreams. It’s better to live trying and failing then to die never having know that you have wings.


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From Passion to Profits. How to get paid doing what you love

In my last post How to find your Passion Purpose and Profit I asked 21 questions to help people find the answers to what it is that they truly love and enjoy and shared that they could earn money doing what they love. The response has been amazing. Within a few hours it had earned the top spot as my most viewed post ever!
Then I started hearing responses of people who immediately started taking action and were having amazing results and was blown away by the impact those simple questions were having on people.

Many people started calling and emailing asking how they could earn a profit in their specific field of passion. That is when I realized just sending someone to find a mentor or read a book wasn’t going to be enough that there were Questions that I needed to help answer.
Like these
“How can I support my family doing this? Will living off of my passion not kill the passion? Would knowing that I have to put more products out to make more money not force me to sacrifice quality and creativity?”

First I want to say that I completely understand and have asked these questions myself. Some this week.

1. How can I earn money doing what I love?
Norman Vincent Peale said,”There is a magic formula for success: No enterprise can succeed without it; any enterprise can succeed with it. Indeed, it can lead to success in life itself. The formula is stated six powerful words-short words, only three of them containing as many as four letters. They are these- and mark them well: find a need and fill it.”

This is the foundation of all Business.
Mixing your strengths and passion what needs can you fill? The answer is how you make money. And it might start with one thing and move on as your passions and strengths are more and more defined and refined.

2. Will living off of my passion not kill the passion?

Don’t quit your day job.
Although you know your passion now and your ready to be the next John Mayer or Seth Godin if you quit your job today chances of you making it nearly disappear. If you want a step by step guide to quitting I would recommend reading Quitter by John Acuff.

3. Would knowing that I have to put more products out to make more money not force me to sacrifice quality and creativity?

Start small.
This is the key. Most entrepreneurs see the big picture of what their business is going to be or can be. The goal is to navigate to that end not jump out of a plane and hope the wind carries us to that destination. You do this by starting where you are. The need that we found earlier, how can you meet that need for 1 person tonight or this weekend. Take action now. No matter how small.
You have to start somewhere. You can not serve thousands until you can serve one.

Once the income you make from your passion is large enough then you can make the jump without ever worrying about sacrificing your art or feeding your family.

Most people think you have to just jump out of the plane and hope everything works out on the way down. That’s why they never start but those who start wherever they can grow their passion and income together and when they are full grown they give birth to the life of our dreams.

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